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(for Suzanne)

Who is this one, I ask, this fey Suzanne
Who leads and rules this dark enchanted lair?
Who is this deft adept, this suzerain?

Did she once rule far, ancient Isfahan?
Force Cyrus to his knees, his heart ensnare?
Who is this one, I ask, this fey Suzanne?

Perhaps she practiced spells in Turkastan,
In silken tents beneath the sunís harsh glare?
Who is this deft adept, this suzerain?

Did even that feared lord, the greatest Khan
Grovel at her feet and whimper there?
Who is this one, I ask, this fey Suzanne?

Lifted by lines of slaves, on her divan,
She whispered spells upon the mantic air.
Who is this deft adept, this suzerain?

This sorceress led on her winding van
Down through the gates of her fantastic lair.
Who is this one, I ask, this fey Suzanne,
Who is this deft adept, this suzerain?

--Michael Fantina--

Words To The Song Suzanne

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This mystic place where clouds surround,
The air is magic, such peace is found.
The light shines here from an unreal sky,
Such beautiful creatures, pass you by.
The feeling you get in such a place,
time and distance can never erase,
A world so peaceful quiet, and serene.
It can't be real, seems like a dream.
It enfoldes you in it's enchanting arms,
Loving and protecting you, Safe at last from all harms.


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