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Chinese New Year

Firecrackers explode and bang.
Cymbals and temple bells have rang.
dragons parade through the street.
chinese new year, a yearly treat.

Fireworks Explode in the skies,
a special treat for children's eyes.
celebrations are all we hear,
For the animal of the year.

This year, however, is the best.
dragons are king o'er all the rest.
sixty years passed reaching her own.
Golden dragon is on her throne.

Lair 2000

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Chinese Dragon
Happy Chinese New Year
A Great Big Dragon
The Gold Dragon
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Chinese Dragon Tales

Make up a story, tell me a tale,
Pictures and rhyme, silly or sublime.
Imagination is always the key.
Pictures and words in harmony.

Fables or fantasy, oriental fun,
Write it all down, don't stop 'til your done.
Heroes and villians are part of the cast,
Write a good tale and it surely will last.

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