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Dragon Theme Unit 1 to dress up your desk top with dragon accessories.  You must downlad the Extreme Theme Installation Program to install this program. download
Dragon Theme Unit 2 for installation on your desk top.  You must downlad the Extreme Theme Installation Program to install this program. download
Extreme Theme Installation Program
This progam must be downloaded and installed to install the 2 desktop themes above on your computer.
A musical screen saver made with 10 jpg pictures that will self install to be a screen saver.  Pictures move across the screen in various transitions.
Looking for a new silicon-based friend? Virtual Dragon is a free pixelated pet that lives in a window on your desktop. Your mission to raise it from an egg to the age of 150, when it will die. Like nearly any virtual pet, it requires interaction to thrive. However, it can survive up to 45 minutes without any care. Three games are included to help keep your pet healthy. Fly lets you control the dragon as he tries to dodge trees and rocks. Hunt is similar to Fly, except you try to eat 10 birds. Finally, Train is a guessing game. You move up and down to a certain position where you think a token is located and then click on another dragon to see if you're correct. Virtual Dragon features nice-looking graphics and clear-sounding audio.
Raise a Dragon
The demo game begins with a cute animated baby dragon emerging from a colorful egg. Once the newborn is free, you must care for it using various items available in the nursery area. The complete game of feeding, cuddling, entertaining, and caring for the growing virtual pet from an egg to a preteen is totally absorbing -- adults may even find themselves getting attached to the baby. As the fledgling grows, teach it how to breathe fire using hot sauce, and how to fly by coaxing it off the ground with a bug burger. The interface features excellent artwork and sound effects; game play is completely mouse-driven, so you can safely set aside the keyboard. Raise the Dragon is one of seven fun and educational activities kids can enjoy in the full version of Quest for Camelot.
The DRAGONSx TrueType Font is an interesting display face. The letters have a medieval, gothic feel, with the uppercase letters created from pictures of dragons. The character set includes all the numbers, but the period is the only punctuation mark provided. There are no extended characters, and this unregistered version contains no vowels. However, an included .gif file shows you what you'll get when you purchase. Make sure you use DRAGONSx at larger point sizes (36 points and up) so its details are clearly visible.
This is a dragon alphabet that only contains the upper case letters. to enhance your posters and other art work.  Theyare shown actual size. download
A set of numbers in dragon form in a rustic brown in  for your posters or your web sites. download

Dragon Coloring

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