Memories Of The Golden Dragon
(The Gift)

  One of my earliest memories is sitting on my haunches on the golden floor of our cave, and golden hands with claws placing a present into mine.  At first this memory was very misty and little remembered, but I knew it was something fantastic and everyone around me had an air of expectancy.  When I first got this memory back I had the name of this object, but in the few weeks since, I have lost that name again.  I only remember that it Started with a K sound and wasn't a word in any language I know.

With future thought this memory has cleared a little (after all I was very young then).  I know now it was a young golden ball of a cage design.  It was hollow with a metal golden dragon inside that flew around the ball when it was thrown or rolled. 

It felt like an object of great age.  I found out later, when I was older. that it was an object of great age that had been passed down from generation to generation to the youngest dragon in the family, clan, group.  There seems to be no English equivalent to the name for our group of dragons that dwelled together in the caves of sandy golden granite. 



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