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Fairfield, NJ 07006
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Within our imaginings, lie the greatest truths...
...and the artistic visionary creations of award-winning
artist Jael are grounded in the cumulative experience of
dreams made real.

It's a story-book background that began with Jael's
musically professional mother sharing unique and
imaginative experiences with her when she was small.
These, along with other wonderful and magical adventures,
continued to influence her throughout her growing-up
years, and into adulthood. She used these gifts of
imagination to enhance her adult roles of mother and
teacher while continually expanding personal vistas with
her creative and visionary art.

Jael was a professionally successful fine artist for
twelve years when she made the decision to return to
college and complete her BFA and obtain a secondary
(teaching) certification. She graduated in 1970, summa
cum laude from the University of Utah. She proceeded to
teach art, drama, music, and English in Utah high
schools, while still maintaining a successful career
with her own artwork.

A move to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1974 gave Jael the chance
to establish her art studio within a major hotel. She
exhibited and sold her work, and was pleased to accept an
invitation to teach at the innovative Clark College.

In 1980, in order to work more closely with West Coast
galleries and publishers, she moved to beautiful Santa
Cruz, California. It was this decision that, in time,
brought the opportunity to create illustrative art. To
achieve the success of another childhood dream and to be
closer to major book publishers, she made a move to the
East Coast.

Now, for the past 10 years or so, Jael has worked with
many of the top publishers in New York and across the
country, completing over 100 cover illustrations. These
range in subject matter from science fiction, fantasy,
and horror to mainstream -- historical and editorial,
fiction and nonfiction. Frequent commissions from both
private collectors and the business sector have given her
the chance to create unique, original works of art, which
combine her personal perspective with that of the

To expand her professional contacts and meet enthusiasts
of her art, she attends as many science fiction
conventions as time and deadlines permit, and has been
fortunate in continually receiving top awards and
recognition for her work. She has also been Artist Guest
of Honor at several conventions, including Arisia
(Boston) and Tropicon (Florida). She is a member of
the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
A few of the highlights during the past several years

* a commission to paint the portraits of retiring and
deceased California supreme court justices
* an invitation to hang artwork in both the first and
second Invitational Exhibit of the National
Academy of Fantastic Art at the Delaware Art
* being the featured artist at the first New Jersey
Fantastic Art Exhibit at the Hutchins Gallery
* developing "How to Draw" books, now marketed nationally
through the public school system
and Ron Tiner, Quarto Pub., England)
(Second Nature Software)
* being included in SPECTRUM III, a book featuring the
best in contemporary fantastic art

Jael is represented by Worlds of Wonder (Jane Frank,
Pres.) of McLean, Virginia. For information of a catalog
which portrays her work (plus other artists in the
science fiction/fantasy field), call (703) 847-4251.

On a personal note, Jael is happily married to a very
smart, cute, adventurous cop who rides a red Harley, and
is raising a wonderful teenage son. She is also blessed
with twelve absolutely brilliant, adorable, creative