Julia Lacquement
31757 N.E. 102nd Place
Carnation, WA 98014

(206) 788-6622

Julia Lacquement is a multi-talented artist with a
passion for creative endeavors. She is perhaps best
known for her work in the comics industry, where she was
the first colorist to receive royalties. Noted for her
quality, speed, and reliability, she has worked on dozens
of comics, among them Berni Wrightson's CAPTAIN STERN --
which garnered her two Harvey nominations -- and DC
Comics' LONGBOW HUNTERS. Recently, she has been working
for Milestone Media on HARDWIRE and ICON, repeat winners
of the Parent's Choice awards. She is also responsible
for the brilliant color on the box cover, ads, and about
one-fourth of the cards in the new XENOPHILE trading card
game created by Phil Foglio.

In addition to her comics work, Julia is well known for
her paintings and illustrations, which may be found in
Seattle-area galleries. She is a premiere watercolorist,
although she often works with acrylics for the intensity
of color they provide. Although tending toward fantasy
and science fiction themes, she has also painted numerous
Asian still-lives and, recently, some Horror pieces. She
has been well received on the science fiction and fantasy
convention circuit for more than a decade, where she has
been Artist Guest of Honor several times and has
repeatedly won awards for Best of Show, Best Color, Best
of Class, and Best Humor.

In the past few years, Julia has been branching out into
black-and-white illustration. Her work my be found in
numerous publications, most notably MARION ZIMMER
BRADLEY'S FANTASY MAGAZINE, where she has appeared
regularly. Difficult to contain, Julia is also known for
her jewelry, sculpture, and fashion designs. She is
currently owned by a small (very small) black panther,
with whom she shares her studio in the Cascade foothills.