Tom Lunzer
40 West Woodstock Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(815) 477-4067

Tom Lunzer is a South Dakota native now residing in
Illinois. He majored in the fine arts at McHenry County
College in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and received private
tutelage in photo-realistic technique under Chicago
artist Edward Myers. Tom continues to explore avenues
in fine through painting and sculpture as he enjoys
commercial success as a technical illustrator at Zebra
Technologies Corporation in Vernon Hills, Illinois. He
also works as a freelance illustrator of science fiction
and fantasy for clients such as AMAZING STORIES. He has
won several awards in the science fiction and fantasy

Tom uses a variety of mediums to create his photo-
realistic imagery. These include oils, watercolors,
airbrush, and computer-generated techniques. Tom is
now exploring the realms of computer-generated 3-D art
and animation and is looking forward to producing
animation and special effects for the film and television
industries. He is a member of the Association of Science
Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) and was the cofounder
of Pigfish Painting Company, a local artists' support
group. Tom is also a gourmet chef and an award-winning