A dragon is in my computer,
It's there when I turn on the screen;
It stares at me, fierce and unfriendly,
Through eyes of malevolent green,
It hisses and spits little fires,
It flicks its preposterous tail,
I've tried every trick to erase it,
But all of my stratagems fail.
It's there when I'm doing my homework,
It's there when I'm playing a game
My mouse does its best to erase it,
That dragon remains all the same.
It may disappear for a minute,
But always comes slithering back,
Appearing on top of my program,
Resuming its nasty attack.
I have no idea where it came from,
Or why it keeps picking on me,
Examining me like a morsel
It's thinking it might fricassee
I wish I could douse it with water
And bop it a bit on the snout,
A dragon is in my computer-
I hope that it never gets out.

Jack Prelutsky