My Friend The Dragon;

While walking through the woods one day
I came upon a cave
And inside was a mean ol' lizard
By the name of Dave

Now Dave the dragon was really mean
But I could not tell why
I could not guess why he’d be mean
A lizard who could FLY?

So we sat down upon a log
And his story he did tell
Of castles, kings, of knights and things

It seems about a century ago
In the far off land of Fife
He fell in love with a princess there
And vowed to make her his wife

But the king would not let them be wed
When asked, he laughed with mirth
For you are not a prince he said
You're not of royal birth

So as a man I set out East
My status I would mend
If I were rich and powerful
The king would have to bend

I came upon a WISHING WELL
That promised may things
But most of all it said I'd get
The object of my dreams

So without pause, I yelled out loud
To the water as it swirled
I want to be the biggest thing
To ever walked this world

And with a flash of lightning
As the thunder faded ‘way
From out the well stepped this dragon form
That you see today

And with the tears upon his cheek
He stuttered, for he knew
Be careful what you wish for son
For it just might come true !!!

Copyright 1999
(Use by permission only)