Dragon With In Thy Self

Here on Earth choas and violonce predominate most of our lives,
as each day passes are spirits become less alive.

A time of darkness, a time of gloom,
The sound of thunder, a never ending boom.

The time has come what shall we do?
We shall do what is true,

I feel it now, the time in near.
The time of truce that we shall not fear.

Throw down your weapons throw down your anger,
For in the Kingdom of God there is no danger.

I can see it now a shape in the sky,
Coming closer as it flies.

I hear a voice deep within thee,
I soon find out it speaks to me.

I cant tell what is said,
I do think of it when I go to bed.

Someone special someone true,
Sparks love within me where anger grew.

She says "Not to worry for we are meant to be,
Like the doves, flying so free.

A dragon is what I shall be,
For then, I will truly be free.

Along side my love in the night,
We fly together, free of fright.

All is white, and too bright.
A kindom of peace and love with no night.

I am free, I am at peace.
I am with my love Christine.

By: Stephen Alan McKean