Wandering the cosmos
a lover of color and form...
she sits poised
at electric palette.
Plying her gift;
Molding pixels
and weaving rainbows
with a smile..

Dragons surround her;
daring you to
gaze into her eyes,
which reveal warm pools
in a midnight cave..
where a swirling vortex
draws you in..
to placid seas,
cloaking nearby storms
and mosaic dreams.

Once, she
held me inside,
an abyssful ride..
We swayed gently
in meadow'd skies;
where shuddering hips,
clutched me to lips;
as lollipops exploded
in her eyes.

Gone now;
galloping off on
one of her glorious beasts...
my heart in tow,
I kneel in adoration
the passions bestowed...