Blue-steel, unknown and never rules,
the light abandoned, the surface cools
a tiny stream, a reddish glint
drips the weapon, the dragons gift

But the blood, the beads, force their path
Sent to flow, the watchers wrath
The hilt alone holds no blood
For blue-steel gauntlets cloaked the flood

The light, now, continues to fade
the sapphire hilt, the blue-steel blade,
The gauntlets, though, continue their grasp
the crystal hidden, the motion, to last

But, halt your slaughter, commanded the dead,
spirits, the enemy, and those that have lead
The battle is over, the carrion birds call,
your side has won, but friends still fall

For the wielder, now, was ruled by the sword
that flowed and felled, her friends, her lord,
The blue-steel gift continued to impale,
to slash, to center, to piece their mail

The watchers, lightning reflecting black scale,
their laughter, cackled, thru thunder and hail
The sight, euphoric, as wind gives them lift,
the hillside, the wielder, the sword their gift.

The wielder, possessed, looked onward to find
those left alive, and more humankind,
And when the blade finished, and none were left,
it turned on its wielder, its gift of death.