Beauty beyond belief wings above the clouds
turning it glides down towards the earth. Its many
faceted eyes looking through the darkened clouds
dispersing them with its very presence.

Red in color it makes the proclamation of its
unquenchable fire, proving it a formidable beast
The sun glitters off the irridescent scales, from
head to talon, in red, orange, gold, yellow, and pink.

Energy seems to be drawn in, Clinging to it, making
it appear the center of all that is unprincipled.
Bravery oozing from its every pore, while radiating
a power all its own, as glory is held in its sway.

Deadly yet gentle with a stout heroic heart, radiating
truth, light and darkness, A creature of destiny,
for it has been chosen to tame the fates themselves.
Symbolicaly holding man forever enchanted.

All encompassing, in knowledge, shrewd, yet valiant
All knowing, understanding, with a zeal for magic.
Complete fantasy, desire and dreams, is the Dragon