I dream I hear you call to me
From your realm so far away.
You appear in my passing dreams
Always with your invite.

"'Come fly with me, soar as I
You who are like me.
Shed the earth-bound body you hold And see what  can see.

You fly each night in human dreams
with the sleek body you truely own
You  taste the clouds and ecstacy
Only Dragon Kind know.

Spread your wings and launch yourself
Off your cliff of fear
Glide along hearing the Night Song
Only we can hear.'"

I lose my fear, and spread my wings
Taking off in flight
Soaring higher,  higher still
In the star lit night.

Knowing now where I belong
Among the Dragon Kind
Hearing Night Song so divine
Never to look behind.

Ky'rath DragonHeart
15 Feb. 1998