Dragon Eyes

I look into your green eyes and the chain that binds my soul.
You have molded and reshape me into something,
even the Gods themselves couldn't accomplish.
I tell my fellows dragons that love is a precious thing sometimes fragile as a spider web.
Yet with each act of passion, with each phrase of I love you.
We forge this fragile thing with bonds stronger than steel.
My fellow dragons say that I am a fool,
someday I will die for love.
I say unto those dragons, If I die in this battle
you can build me a monument for being a pioneer to dragons.
Either you can bury me in a shallow grave and call me a fool.
I would truly sacrifice this body in this war called love.
Death herself cannot claim that which is not hers,
my soul only belongs to you my lady.
My eyes can now rest
knowing they now have a tomorrow to look forward to.
Many dragons say love is a heavy burden.
My lady you have my word as Maelstorm, prince of my clan,
I will carry this burden to my grave.