Dragon Mates.

On a planet, far away,
A young Dragoness felt happy and gay.
All at once, she felt the urge to mate,
She felt confused, but this could not wait.
She slowly walked, out of her cave,
To all of the young male dragons, she did wave.
Only one took any real notice,
She knew him too, his name was Kotis.
As he walked near, she felt nervous,
"Would this love last, and would it serve us?"
When he arrived, she took him in,
This would be it, her greatest sin.
The two young dragons stared, then kissed,
This true love moment would never be missed!
It was all romantic in the Dragoness's lair,
All night long, the two young dragons made true love there.
Now they cannot be apart,
They live together, heart to heart.

Shaun Ferris.

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