Dragon Romance?

As nightfall, the tingling beneath my scales,tells me that my queen has arrived.
My scales shiver as if they have a mine of their own they are anticipating your seductive touch.
In the cool breeze challenging the forces of nature with ease.
As our bodies touch every so gently for the consummation of Dragon Mates Rites.
Your eyes tells me of the passion that is yet to come.
For us these exotic moments seem to transgress time and space.
My Queen.
My Alpha and my Beta has blessed me with this dragon form.
I have used this body to conquer universes and other dimensions.
I'll make you Queen over everything that I have claim.
Just to hear your erotic voice whisper my name.
In your hands I am nothing but clay, mold me into anything your heart desire.
Just say the word I'll set the celestial heavens on fire.
You don't realize what you can do to my body, with slightest touch of your hand.
I'll build you castles and cities even if I have to use grains of sands.
Without you to fill this empty heart with passion.
I have committed deeds worse than the mortal's assassin.
As I look back on my shady past.
I am willing to give my soul to make this union last.