A Dream Come True

Sometimes I think into the night so late,
thinking what life would be without a mate.
Here my life means nothing to me,
I do not see what I am really to be.

I can feel wings grow,
They make me feel as light as the snow.
Deep within,
I feel that I have been given,

A call of love that now keeps thy soul livin.
I am at school, a place a of dread and no rule.
I suddenely fell no pain,
for soon freedom I will gain.

I run for the door with fury feet,
Teachers stopping in awe at my fleet.
I run outside, and jump then glide.
For I am finally free, I laugh and whoop with glee.

People below me look up to see,
A dragon flying so high and so free.
I hug the ground at dangerous speed,
The wind I create bends every weed.

I soar to clouds,
To hide from the crowds.
I am lost up here,
and soon begin to fear.

Something swoops over and under me,
I just start to wonder who could this be.
Clouds fall behind, then do I only find.
A dragoness of pure heart and love divine.

I ask her name and feel aflame,
I begin to get nervous and and do not feel the same.
She says to me."I am the dragoness who's heart you won,
look within in yourself for you are the one."

I look at my love from head to toe,
Feelings within me begin to grow.
She turns upside down and flies closer to thee,
I wonder what is going to happen to me.

I watch her closely with a loving glare,
Only knowing that I begin to stare.
We join in the air, and free fall to the ground,
For with in her arms I am tightly bound.

During these moments there is no hate,
For I am flying now with my mate.
I know now that I belong to her,
I say I love her and listen to her purr.

We are truly one,
For my heart she truly won.
We fly to a field where we continue our fun,
We lie and make sweet love under the sun.

I feel at peace knowing that a new life for me has just begun.

Stephen Alan McKean