Heaven Can Wait

When I close my eyes I have visions of my clan as we were in heaven.
I open my eyes and see you lying next to me.
The memories I have of heaven are disappearing
with each moment of watching you.
I am not some young hatchling that has taken a fancy to thy body.
My queen, I am the prince of the seven heavens and nothing has captured my soul the way you have.
You have laid a siege to my heart.
Capture my body and forge a fire in my soul.
You have built a throne in my heart one I cannot overthrow.
I see now why love has been a curse amongst dragons.
Our love mating has left my body in a weakened state of being.
Though my enemies may take this opportunity to surround me.
Ha, the hell with them let's do this mating sensation again.
I hear my patriarch calling me to my celestial duties.
Yet I want to enjoy these precious moments a little longer.
So forgive me father if I seem selfish and say that heaven can wait.