To Serve One's Call 

Standing at my post aboard a ship with responsibility to bear, 
I ponder back to the memories that warm me in the chill. 
About a dragoness that I once solemnly did swear, 
That I would never forget her, not now not ever. 
We once dreamed of a future together in a magical land, 
Flying those blue skies, seeking the love of each other. 
Now though I obey and give orders to command, 
At this time of war my country is in.
Someday when I return home to you, 
I will tell the stories about this place. 
About a nation that was once pure and true, 
Oh how I wish time would go by with haste. 
So that I can be by your side, 
Sharing this story of a time. 
About a ship that would glide, 
Slowly rising and falling with the tide. 
Though a weapon its purp
ose is true in a way, 
Defending the Stars and Stripes is it duty, 
To keep its enemies far and away. 
I'm a sailor now my scaled one, 
Never had we thought it would come to this. 
We often dreamed the day when we were one, 
Companions sharing in the first kiss. 
Sparking a new life, a new treasure to be found. 
You and I, basking in the warmth of the sun, 
Looking up at the sky before we leap from the ground. 
Soaring beyond the hills, the mountains, the peaks. 
Soaring over the streams, the rivers the lakes. 
Our forms blending with speed, as a voice speaks. 
Its tone shakes my mind, bringing me back into this life. 
My Commanding Officer gives me an order. 
Wanting to be with you causes such a strife, 
In wanting to obey his solemn order. 
Taking to the scope I search for the enemy and his sign, 
Only to have your memory arise, 
Sending feelings through that make me. 
Relieved of orders I head to my bunk by nine. 
Wondering about my new future that no one sees, 
After this life I hope only in my dream. 
To be flying with you above those trees, 
Above the ocean as the sun casts its gleam. 
My mind retreats away into a wondrous sleep, 
Think of you and your love, 
A memory, a goal I will always keep. 
While defending this nations integrity. 
The hope of flying with you, 
The hope of seeing you. 
To feel your touch, your love. 
Its grace so gentle and soft, 
Like you were an angel sent down to me from above. 
You are my dragon and utmost my friend, 
Nothing will tear us apart I swear to you, 
Remember me as I remember thee, 
And our love will always be true. 


Note From the Author: 
I wrote this poem, even though it may not be great. Think of it as you wish, for that is a freedom in itself. I finished this the night of the 5th day before my departure to the United States Navy. Remember, even though there are goals that seem unreachable there's always another chance to make them come true, either it be in this life or in the one after it. I have come to see that some of the dreams I had hoped for, prayed for, wished for may never come true in this life, so instead I moved on to complete yet another goal. To serve one's call, and heed to the aid of many, even though not a single night will pass easily when I forget that one goal, the one that seemed impossible. I still have hope in it, and that hope will never die regardless if I am to have forgotten through the years of my life here on this Earth. 
Farewell my friends for one once said "The needs of the many, shall always outweigh, the needs of the few." 

SN. Stephen Alan McKean OS-3 
United States Navy.