Unto Your Love I Am Bound

I sit at my computer in the dark,
Hearing the echo of a dog bark.

The moon dominates the night sky,
It tears at me, not yet being able to fly.

I take my leave from the computer,
Head out to look for you in the sky.

Gold the moon glows,
But yet that same feeling within me still grows.

A shape flys past overhead,
It is something I do not dread.

A roar I hear in to the night,
Its echo does give me a fright.

I calm when I hear the winged creature call.
"Arrakis, remember I would come for you at nightfall"

This name was my own,
Long in time has it grown.

"Who is thee in which you wish seek."
I call out, my voice shaky and bleak.

The dragon flys near me and lands,
A cross I take from my neck and place in my hands.

"I seek Arrakis, do you know where he stays."
I see her beauty through the shine of the moons rays.

I hold out the silver cross in my hand,
Its chain upon my wrist forms a band.

"The Holy Cross in which Arrakis wears?"
"Are you him, the one who calls in the night."

I sit on the grass and speak to the creature,
Taking in her beautiful features.

"I promised you the cross in which I wear. 
My love for you is what it bears."

The dragon steps forth and takes the cross from my hand,
Like me she too forms the chain into a band.

The silver glows with holy light,
Rays of energy shoot from it in the night.

A light from is center hits me,
A powerful wind begins to shake every tree.

Not a sound I utter,
I can feel my body shudder.

The cross fades from her hand,
Unto the stars it takes its place and is grand.

"Fly with me Arrakis, tonight you have found."
She speaks to me

I reply back,
"My love unto which I was bound."

We take to the air,
Fly under the moon and its glare.

My life I feel now has just begun,
A quest I have longed to complete is now....done.

Stephen Alan Mckean