Dragon Stories

The Christmas Dragon

The Christmas Dragon Liked To Go
In Forests Full Of Ice And Snow.
He Used His Fire To Ignite Lights
On Many Special Winter Nights.

Animals Came From Near And Far
To See The Lights And Shiny Star.
He Lit Them For The Savior's Birth,
For That Great King Of All The Earth.

He Kept The Candles Burning Bright
With Outstretched Wings On Christmas Night,
Keeping Alive That Special Glow,
For Creatures Watching In The Snow.

Heaven And Nature Sing This Night.
Dragons Too, Were Great In His Sight.
He And The Animals Stopped To Pray,
That God Would Keep Cruel Men Away.

Lair 2000

Dragon Tales
Make up a story, tell me a tale,
Pictures and rhyme, silly or sublime.
Imagination is always the key.
Pictures and words in harmony.

Fables or fantasy, medieval fun,
Write it all down, don't stop 'til your done.
Heroes and villians are part of the cast,
Write a good tale and it surely will last.

Song from Quest tor Camelot

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