Dragon Differences

Somewhere in Alaska around Christmas time, the evil dragon master Frostscythe rode upon his dragon, Glaisaurus and terrorized the cities and stole all the Christmas presents. The Grinch was a saint compared to these villains. Frostscythe laughed at the loss of all the Christmas presents and delighted in the destruction of toy soldiers, Barbie dolls, and X-Box 360s.

Frostscythe's young daughter and her dragon, Glaisaurus II were saddened that their fathers ruined Christmas for so many children. Glaisaurus was a vicious killer who killed for pleasure. His son,, Glaisaurus II, was kind to all and ate mostly vegetables, except for an occasional Big Mac or McChicken.

Glaisaurus II and Sarah grew up kind and loving in spite of their fathers. One Christmas they went on a Christian wilderness hike, and it was there that Sarah met Eric and his friends and family.

Eric and Sarah knew they were meant to be together and they were married at the base of Mt. McKinley. After the bride and groom said their “I do’s,” everyone drank and ate until they were exhausted and fell asleep under the cold Alaskan sky. Eric and Sarah left the camp to go to a tiny chalet in a nearby forest to spend their wedding night.

When they returned the following morning, everyone was packing up and ready to begin the final leg of their hike. It was Christmas Eve and they all looked forward to spending a night in a hotel in Anchorage.

When they had settled in, they gathered in one of the meeting rooms to sing Christmas carols and open presents around a fifteen foot tree. Sarah's present from Eric was a beautiful diamond engagement ring and a gold wedding band. In their haste to get married in the wilderness, they had neglected some of the usual niceties.

Unfortunately, Frostscythe and Glaisauruswere up to their old tricks. They hatched an evil invasion plan directed at the Anchorage hotel. The evildoers attacked the hotel with a combination of Glaisaurus’ super powerful bursts of ice breath and bolts of supercharged electricity emanating from Frostscythe’s sword of injustice.

Sarah and Glaisaurus II were not going to allow them to ruin everyone's Christmas.. They had notified the United States Navy prior to their hotel stay. The aircraft carrier Eisenhower was stationed at the Anchorage harbor and several fighter jets missile attacked and destroyed the dragon and its rider.

Glaisaurus II was a bit melancholy at the death of his own father. Nevertheless, the two had never really bonded in any true parental way. So his sadness was tempered by relief at the lives not lost that day. Sarah’s father Frostscythe also was lost that day, and she too lamented the waste of a life. Nevertheless, she also realized many lives were saved by the sacrifice of the two tormentors.

Eric Olsen