Sarah, The Dracomancer

When I turned 19, I ran away to Wales, Sarah told her friend. My great grandfather on my father’s side was from Cardiff. When I arrived, however, I was attacked by some ruthless men who wanted to hold me hostage as part of a terror plot .

For 100 days and 100 nights I was placed in a small cell with very little to eat or drink. Then a black dragon flew over the building where I was being held, with an American named Eric riding on top of it.

He used Dracomancy against the terrorists and got me out of my cell. He put me on the back of the dragon, whom he called Shaazar. Shaazar burned down the building with his fire breath and killed all the terrorists inside. Then he flew Eric and me away from the building and took us to safety.

The American was just about my age. He handed me a large McDonalds McValue Meal. After I started eating it he asked me, “Well, Silver hair, how do you like it?”

I guess he didn’t know my real name. So I told him, “My name is Sarah.”

“My name is Eric. Some people call me E-Rex. Some people call me Eragon. Some people call me dragon freak. But I’m just a guy trying to make it in this tough world.” He paused. “Shaazar! Look for a place to land.” Apparently that was the name of his dragon.He landed in the middle of a city park. He pet the dragon on one horn and dismounted. He helped me dismount as well.

“Where’d you get that dragon?” I asked him.

“I bought him at a renaissance fair,” he replied. “A magician made a good offer, so I bought him as a what I thought to be a worthless toy egg. But a few weeks later it hatched into a smaller version of the dragon we just rode. When I first taught him how to fly, he grew very large within minutes.”

“Making a pact with Shaazar was child’s play. Shaazar formed a mystical bond with me from the moment I first touched him after he hatched. Unlike a unicorn, a dragon can make a mystical bond with more than one human.”

Shaazar looked at the two and said with a smile, “And I think I know who’s next on my list.”

Eric and I were together for quite a while. He was very sweet and we were very attracted to one another. We both liked dragons and were both strong Christians. He thought I was pretty and I always laughed at his jokes. We were a bit naive but he was genuinely sincere when he eventually asked me to marry him.

We had three chilren. the twins, Eric Jr. and Cindy and later, Athalie.

The mystical bond with Shaazar gave both Eric and I perpetual youth., but one fateful day, Eric had his third Grand Mal seizure and died. I will never forget Eric. He fought terrorists to bring peace to the three countries of my ancestors. He was a warrior, a patriot, and a wonderful husband.

Sarah bravely hif the tears forming from her friend, then Sarah and her children rode off on the back of Shaazar and waved goodbye.

Eric Olsen