See for Yourselves !

Once upon a time, an orca whale swam near near the shores of China. Very strange indeed, because orcas usually travel in family groups, but this one didn`t need his pod. He was an outcast. Every creature in the vast ocean hated him because he was mute, and so, Orca Orry remained completely alone. Sometimes, he received nasty visitors: a couple of murena sharks.

"Ha-ha-ha", laughed Murena Maverick. "What did you say? I can`t hear you !", and he and his ugly mate, Murena Mimi laughed again.

Orca Orry swam quickly away. Then, he met Octopus Octy, who looked at him cheerfully, swinging its arms in a peculiar rythm. Oh no,thought Orca Orry and hurried out of the octopuses sight.

Lonely, desperate, he went to sleep under a wave-beaten cliff. At dawn, he woke with a nightmare. He heard strange, bubbling noises, loud quaffing,and groaning. Who`s there, he wanted to ask, but remained silent.

Suddenly, a small, white, wormlike shape appeared in the dark water, swimming with tiny twists and jerks. It came closer, and proved to be a dragonet, its elongated body shone with twenty-six silver stripes. It had golden eyes and a long, flickering forked tongue, and a short soft mane,and a pair of antlers on its head. Its tail ended in an egglikeobject with a forest of spikes.

"My name is Yang", he said, "Carry me and I`ll give you a great gift." Orca Orry became angry. Here comes this little dragon and says, 'carry me', as though it would own the whole sea ! Yang looked at him, and golden sparks danced in his reptilian eyes.

"Please, carry me !, he demanded with a ferocious groan, and Orca Orry nodded "okay". The dragon settled quickly on his back an grabbed the edge of his tall dorsal fin using ten sharp claws as anchors.

"Go to Dryland", Yang said simply, and off they went, surfing upon the foamy crest of the waves. Soon,they met a group of dolphins, led by Bottlenose Ben, a big male who often laughed at Orry. Now, even he was staring soundlessly at Yang.

"Look, Orca Orry has a dragonet !", he shouted in awe,and the whole group followed the black whale's shining passenger towards Dryland. On the way, all of Orca Orrys old enemies joined them, as Yang`s shimmering stripes shone before them against the orcas dark skin. They arrived. Pine scent hung heavily in the air, mixed with the cherry blossoms aroma carried by the icy wind from the high mountains of the East.

"Thank you", said Yang. He released the dorsal fin and swam to the surface, raising his head and the sunlight streamed into the golden pools of his large eyes.

Suddenly, his body elongated. His mane became long and silky, blending with the current, his antlers rose high, and his tongue shot forward like a jet of fire. He moved like a mountain, releasing a slow, steady rumble from his throat and raising his now gigantic body out of the water. In a second, his form melted, becoming one with the wind, forest and soil, and his spiky back rose as a hill, high above the ground. His golden eyes closed and he vanished.

"So, Yang is the living spirit of the world. Lets treat him respectfully", said Orca Orry clearly.

Anna Bicskei