Fairy Lyrics 3

Kubiando, Green Blessings

Green blessings from Faerie LeMoon
Come hurry come soon
It's almost full moon
When the moon is the brightest
The heart opens widest
Come fly and be with us
In the light of the moon

Teaching Global Harmony
Here is Sweet Pea; a Faerie is she
The graceful one
Beholden to none
Transformed by the light of the moon
A heart that's pure this Faerie is sure
The planet can heal; magic is real
If love is the way
Then hear what I say
And love in the light of the moon


Faeries follow the moon as a guide
Feeling the tide rising inside
Our home is the Earth
Remember your birth
To be born in the light of the moon
Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream came
With her Echoes of Light; voice of a sprite
With Faerie ears
She listens and hears
The words that we sing to the moon


The topic is teeth; I'll keep it quite brief
Let go of your fear the Tooth Fairie's here
With a wave of her wand
Your toothache is gone
So happy you smile at the moon


(Faerie LeMoon of the Sacred Herbs, a.k.a. Kim Lemmon)

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