My Original Work

In making my site, I took pictures of other and manipulated them by adding animation or applets.  I planned the layouts and made much of what is there, but there is also lots of material written or created that is completely or mostly original.  This original material reveals much more about myself.  If you are hesitating and not sure you are a friend of my soul, I hope a listing of original material will help you make the decision whether you want to stop or continue. 

The poetry on the main web pages and not in the poetry sections were written by me.  Many are 2 line couplets to enhance e-mail, submissions and links, but others while written to enhance my site have meaning for me.  Below is a list of my original site poetry and its location. 
I Believe
Chinese Dragons
The Maiden's Lament
Dragon Adoptions
Unicorn Eve
Metal Dragons
Mer People
Flights Of Fantasy
The Little Mermaid
Pegasus Adoptions
The Future
True Love
The Wizard's Book
My Creation
Magic Spell 
Much of my art consists of picture manipulation.  The Dragon King was made by inserting a new head and repairing the joining spot.  I also added the dragon in the crystal ball.
Below is a partial list of art and the parts that were completly original.
Self Portrait-drawn and then painted with painter
Dragon Adoptions-all the dragons
Pegasus Adoptions-the baby pegasuses
Wizard's Tools-drawn done in painter except book  and cube pictures
A Short Quiz
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