More Wonders of The Sea

No One Knows What Will Be Their Fate,
When They Go Searching For Their Mate.

If The Future Was Crystal Clear,
Could Sadness Be Faced Without Fear?
Lair 2000

Mermaids Are At Many An Adoption Site.
You Can Adopt Some There This Very Night.
Here Are Some Ocean Creatures That I Found.
If You Find Some, Please Send Their Links Around.

If You Want to Travel Some More,
Here's More Ocean Sites To Explore.


Weeki Wachee, City of Mermaids

Mermaid's Rest

Mermaids, Undines and Sea Goddessees

Mermaid's Garden

Mermaids On The Web

Nerina's Mermaid Grotto Beach

Ed's Mermaid Place

Send Others Here To My Retreat,
Add Links To Here So We Might Meet.

If You Have Wonders From The Sea,
Won't You Please Send Them Here To Me.

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