Mermaid Blue

Already, if nearly it goes a little,
beat of the chest which it can thrive it is audible?
The transparent feather of yearning it cannot fly well
When you gather suki and kiss

and as for the basin handle you can go
? It is, to see from the bottom of the sea
To the other side of dazzling water surface
Why more gentleness heart it hides the word which is not?

Does not serve favorite [huwahuwa] tail purpose
You between me some venture
It tries hauling in the crimson thread
Solving the miracle which is entwined

Directly waiting for directly favorite this day, the [ru]
The sweet tear from the sea which was melted
Once upon a time solving miracle to the other side
Of the water surface, you and with the cover [ri]

I'm not happy with these lyrics.
If any one can provide lyrics in Japanese
and with an English translation please mail to: lair2000