The Bermuda Triangle

She hid away, just out of sight.
The men above gave her a fright
With their cruel nets, traps, and hooks,
And now subs wherever she looks.

But she was safe in this quadrant
Where their sonar was strangely bent.
Mer cities used fine water beams,
So they seemed illusional dreams.

Strangers who discovered this place
Of the illusive mer folk race
Were removed from the world up there
To keep secret a site so fair.

Ships and planes were lost in that space
That strange haunted triangle place
Called mysterious, weird, and strange
By all the visitors in its range.

Are their cities just out of sight,
But remembered in dreams at night?
Is this why rumors stay alive.
Of strong mer sea nations that thrive?


Mer Tales
Make up a story, tell me a tale,
Pictures and rhyme, silly or sublime.
Imagination is always the key.
Pictures and words in harmony.

Fables or fantasy, watery fun,
Write it all down, don't stop 'til your done.
Mermaids and monsters are part of the cast,
Write a good tale and it surely will las

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