Mermaids Retreat

Do mer people and undersea cities exist,
Or are the rumors just some elaborate myth?
Sailors have told stories throughout all history,
and the sea still holds many a strange mystery.

Half Human

When a composite creature is partially human and part animal, bird or fish, it takes on the power and symbolism of every feature represented. Thus a Centaur combines the strength, speed and instincts of a horse with the intelligence of the human upper body, a composite creature with wings is a symbol of ascension and spiritual aspiration while horns denote divinity and supernatural powers

In Greek mythology, the Old Man of the Sea fathered a tribe of Mermen called Tritons, who showed their piscean origins having fins on their bellies, scaled bodies, dolphin's tails and seaweed for hair. But it was their human brains that gave them the ability to show benevolence and a sense of obligation, although they were also lascivious and rather rough. When Poseidon drove his team of dolphins across the sea, the Tritons acted as outriders, blowing shrill blasts on their conch shells to warn everyone to keep their distance.

However, when the animal part is dominant in a Fabulous Beast, there is a lessening of the benign human characteristics. When the composition of the monster includes an animal's head upon a human body, such as the Minotaur, the domination of the baser animal forces is carried to their extreme conclusion.

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