When Kanga jumps,
So does Roo.

Kanga, Roo, and Tigger were all late arrivals to the Forest, newcomers is probably a better expression, and for some reason they jumped and bounced about, and ended up living in one place. They seemed to live on a diet of Medicines and Sandwiches. Like Pooh, they were actual toys belonging to Christopher Milne. Both Kanga and Tigger were later arrivals, presents from, his parents.

They were carefully chosen not just for the delight they might give to their new owner, but also for their literary possibilities. And, to confuse matters, in Mr. Milne's original draft, Kanga was a he, not a she. Luckily, an editor picked the problem up and sorted it all out before the book was published.

Kanga was foremost a mother. They went into Kanga's house, Kanga immediately noticed that Tigger, in spite of his outgoing boisterous ways, needed as much kindness as Roo. Kanga gave him some breakfast and gave him a place to stay.

(as displayed by Kanga, Mother of Roo):

1. General Remarks. Kanga runs faster than any of Us, even Me.
2. Makes sure you have sandwiches ("watercress sandwiches for Roo, and a packet of extract-of-malt sandwiches for Tigger")
3. Tells you what to do (that is, "to have a nice long morning in the Forest and not get into mischief")
4. Gives baths (with lots of soap)
5. Knows how to play a joke.

Nobody seemed to know where they came from, but there they were in the Forest: Kanga and Baby Roo. The animals didn't like finding a Strange Animal among them. An animal of whom they have never even heard before! An animal who carries her family about with her in her pocket!

The animals planned to capture Baby Roo, While they were planning, Rabbit wrote these things about Kanga.


1. General Remarks. Kanga runs faster than any of Us, even Me.
2. More General Remarks. Kanga never takes her eye off Baby Roo, except when he's safely buttoned up in her pocket.
3. Therefore. If we are to capture Baby Roo, we must get a Long Start, because Kanga runs faster than any of Us, even Me. (See 1.)
4. A Thought. If Roo had jumped out of Kanga's pocket and Piglet had jumped in, Kanga wouldn't know the difference, because Piglet is a Very Small Animal.
5. Like Roo.
6. But Kanga would have to be looking the other way first, so as not to see Piglet jumping in.
7. See 2.
8. Another Thought. But if Pooh was talking to her very excitedly, she might look the other way for a moment.
9. And then I could run away with Roo.
10. Quickly.
11. And Kanga wouldn't discover the difference until Afterwards.

They carried out this plan. Kanga treated Piglet just like Roo while Roo had fun playing with Rabbit. In the end, all the animals in the forest decided they quite liked Kanga and Roo..