Owl Likes To Talk A Lot.
He's Really Quite A Bore!
He Tells Pooh
Everything He Knows,
And Sometimes Even More!

Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet were the original toys around which Winnie - the - Pooh and later The House At Pooh Corner grew, but as the stories developed, more characters were needed and so new characters were invented. For this reason, Rabbit and Owl were never toys. They were Rabbit and Owl from the moment Mr. Milne wrote their names. As Christopher Milne puts it: "Owl was owlish from the start and always remained so. Rabbit and Owl are friends because they share a common gift: Brains.

Owl has relations too: "an aunt who had laid a seagull'segg by mistake, " and Uncle Robert, whose portrait hung upon the wall. (This uncle is not to be confused with the uncle of Pooh's who claims to have once seen cheese the color of honey.)

Owl is Special. He not only Knows Things and can Explain Things (however long it takes to do so), but he also has the Necessary Dorsal Muscles so that he canfly. Flying it's a strange business: Not only is flyin that Special Thing that Owl can do (and likes to do), but Owl can even do that Special Thing called Spelling. Helikes that too..