Winnie The Pooh Bear

Some bears growl,
Some bears snort,
But Pooh Bear is
The humming sort.

Pooh has character, and it is caught by the magic of the pencil. But why is he the Pooh? What is it about him that is so poohish? Remember "Cottleston Pie"? Mr. Milne once said that this was a song "which you sing when anybody says something you don't quite understand. You could say 'What?' or 'I beg your pardon,' but Pooh always used to sing "Cottleston Pie."

Pooh likes his HUNNY (and his Condensed Milk), and he likes Company in which to share in his eating. He might lack Brain, but he does well. He's a Friendly Sort of Bear.

The bear, originally called Edward Bear and sometimes called Saunders, was renamed Winnie after a brown bear in the London Zoo called Winnie. She had been the mascot of
a Canadian regiment in the First World War. The name Pooh has been attributed to a swan's name by some or to an expression made by Christopher Milne after his mother Daphne told the story of his meeting with the bear Winnie in the London Zoo.

Whatever reason for loving Pooh, and however illogical that reason may be, one thing is certain about Pooh: He knows what he loves best-honey, Company, more honey, and honey preferably in Company. And Hums, of course..