Roo Likes To Bounce,
Tigger Does Too,
Bouncing The Superdooper
That Tigger Taught To Roo.

Kanga, Roo, and Tigger were all late arrivals to the Forest newcomers is probably a better expression and for some reason they jumped and bounced about and ended living in the same place. Roo was a baby animal who lived in a family with his mother. Kanga was the ultimate mother. She tended to mother all the animals in the One Hundred Acre Woods, but seemed to realize that Tigger need as much love and kindness as did her child Roo. Tigger became Roo's older brother Roo lived in Kanga's pouch and of course arrived with Kanga.

Like Pooh, they were actual toys belonging to Christopher Milne, but both Kanga and Tigger were later arrivals, presents from, his parents, carefully chosen not just for the delight they might give to their new owner, but also for their literary possibilities.

Kanga counted and kept track of Roo's things and fed Roo liked watercress sandwiches. Roo's mother bathed him, gave him medicine and put him to bed for the night. Tigger, Kanga and Roo all liked to bounce so Tigger taught Roo to do the super dooper bounce, and Roo wanted to be just like Tigger. Kanga always knew where Roo was at any time and never relaxed her vigilance unless Roo was safe in her pouch.

When piglet took Roo's place in Kanga's pouch, Roo really like being with Rabbit and he played with him often. The other animals all decided they liked Roo and his mother..