Your Friendship Is The Best Present Ever

You gave me a present
No box -- no ribbon
(It's the best present ever)
And I'm not fibbin'
I wouldn't trade it for anything-never, no, never!
Your friendship is the best present ever
Your friendship is the best present ever

It's better than
A brand-new bike
A brand-new toy
A big balloon
Filled up with joy
A hat, a bat
A this or that
A plane, a train
A dog or cat

It's better than
Ice cream
Whipped cream
Banana splits
French fries
Airplane kits
A root beer float
With a fantastic fizz
Why is it better?
I don't know - it just is

Better than a Truck or car 
Or big guitar
A trip to the moon
or a distant star
A sled, a bed
A boomerang
Better than
Just about anything

All the fun things
that we do
Wouldn't be as fun
If it wasn't for you
I guess you know
I like you a lot
Your friendship is the best present
I ever got!


Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman