Pooh Bear Song Lyrics

Pooh's Colorful Present

It's a cold winter day and the wind makes its way
Through the cracks at the edge at the door
And a small little Piglet is sick and can't play
So he's keeping his small little feet off the floor
It's not easy to stay in your room and not play
With nothing to do except sneeze (Choo)

A basket of colorful gifts makes it's way
From the home of one Pooh to one Piglet today
In a gray-colored cup put some flowers so bright
But it's hard to find flowers in snow deep and white
And so this purple honey pot
Can hold the gifts that Pooh has brought
From a twig brown and tall
Hangs a mitten of green
To make sure it won't tall
A blue balloon an a string
And yellow tea cups just for two
Tea for Piglet, honey for Pooh
There's a pink little note
And it's there just to say
Please get well soon so we can play
An orange carrot Rabbit sends
A tasty treat from friend to friend
There's a red knitted scarf just far Piglet to wear
It used to be Pooh's but Pooh's glad to share
And all these gifts are full of love
To show who Pooh is thinking of

But a basket at love can run sniffles away
When it comes to one Piglet from one Pooh today
Whose colorful presents for Piglet today

Pooh Bear Song Lyrics

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