Tigger's Lullaby

Curl up with your pillows and your blanky,
Close your eyes and dream so soft and hazy.
Go to sleep before you make us cranky!
Do it soon or else we'll all go crazy!

Night is falling in the stripy skies,
That means it's time to close your striping eyes.
Tigger, please lay down your stripy head!
And rest your stripes upon your stripy bed!

The trouble as we see it,Tigger, is
These problematic hours that you keep,
You like to bounce and boing and whoop and whiz
While everyone else would like to sleep

Dream of leafy vegetables in neat and tidy rows!
Dream of crashing wozzles with their great big stripy toes!
Dream of eating honey! and drinking honey too!
Dream a dream your dreaming
That you'll dream the whole night through

It's time to stop the noise and start the silence.
We really can't abide another peep.
So gaze upon the inside of your eyelids!
Lay down your tigger stripes and go to sleep!
Lie down and sleep! yes Tigger, sleep!
Just go to sleep