Mental Altitude

If you wanna talk the talk
And walk the walk
If you wanna bounce the bounce
And pounce the pounce
Let your thinking fly way up high
You'll soon see why
'Cause there's no doubt it's alla bout mental altitude
You gotta have a tiggeriffic mental altitude
(But I don't even look like a tigger)
If you haven't got stripes no need to run and hide
You can still be a guy who wears his stripes inside
And just knowing the stripes are there
Will make you dare to try and find
Atiggerish kind of mental altitude
A bounce-eracous, tiggeriffic mental altitude
(Well, I don't know)
It's confidentiosity that makes a piglet roar
What else could whale-ify a mere sardine
So rev your thinking engine up
And watch your spirits soar
You'll see your world will be your trampoline
Then you'll walk-erate the talk
And walkify the walk
Come on, and bounce-ilate the bounce
And pounce-itize the pounce
I think that you'll find you'll be a lot like me
If day and night you keep the right mental altitude
Mental altitude
A bumptious scrumptious,
Tiggeriffic mental altitude
Mental altitude
A joyful-lumpious tigger-tastic
Bounce-ish, pounce-ish,
Quite elastic jump-ilicious bumberastic
Mental altitude
Where's that old mental altitude
That very happy tiggery mental altitude
That joyful-iffic very iffic, really iffic uh,
You know what i mean
That mental altitude