Trick "R" Treating With Our Friends

No Halloween night is good
When we're trick or treating through the woods
I'll be checking up and peeking
While my tippity toes are creaking
Booity booing like the super tigger should

Well, a sweet treat is just my cup of tea
Any tricky tricky is just the treat for me
Oh, everybody pay attention
'Cause I just hate to mention
That the ghoully ghost is howlin' up a tree

We are daring to be scary
Who is behind that mask you're wearing<
We can boo! a spooky greeting
Then we'll share the treats we're eating
When we're home from trick r treating with our friends

All the spookables crawl out from where they hide
Do you think they might be hiding here inside
Well, together we're more clever
We go places they would never
And the boo hoo will send them for a ride

(Chorus -2xs)