How Does She Yodel?

How does she yodel? (--"Yodel adee tee!"--)
When does she yodel? (--"Yodel adee tee!"--)
Why does she yodel?
It sure beats me (--"Yodel adee tee, ee ay dee tee!--)
I love to hear little Jessie sing a happy yodeling song
Something make me want to start just yodeling along (--"Me too"--)
Way back in my tonsils
something always ends up wrong
Yodel ee dee ay ee dee eeay
(--"Help us Jessie!"--)

How do we yodel? (--"Yodel adee tee!"--)
When do we yodel? (--Any time will do"--)
Why do we yodel? (--"I wish I knew"--)
Boy we do too

Why it's not so hard, boys. You just gotta
start simple and work your way up to trickier
and trickier yodel 'til you yodel like me -
Jessie, the Yodelin' Cowgirl


Say Jessie, how about I try
Well let 'er rip, Ranger Doug


Riders Of The Sky