Japanese Unicorns
In Japan the unicorn is not only the gentle k'i - lin, but also appears as the kirin or the sin - you. The kirin strongly resembles the k'i - lin, but the sin - you looks like a lion-thick-maned, tawny, and fierce-with a single horn. Although it too had other forms, like that of a deer or a goat, its eyes were always intent and threatening. It may well have been a creature to fear, for the kirin had the uncanny ability to detect right from wrong. When the sage Kau You presided in his court, he decided
questions of guilt and innocence himself, especially if they involved such minor
things as a disputed tea house, an injury sustained while riding in another family's carriage, or a tomb that was not built to specificafions. But when the case was a serious criminal one involving a death, he sometimes did not entirely trust his own judgment. At those times he turned to the sin - you. The sin - you always knew

who was innocent and who was guilty, and its judgment was unsparing. It would stand very still, fix its sun-flecked eyes upon the guilty person, and then pierce him
through the heart with its horn. The Japanese unicorn, or kirin, could detect guilt and would punish the guilty with death. The idea of a one-homed creature became so solid a fixture in predicting births and deaths and served as a warning that the guilty will surely be punished. Whatever the reasons, the unicorn was an important part of oriental culture.
In China and Japan the k'i-lin is a solitary animal who walks with measured tread though some say the k'i-lin skips. The male is called the k'i, while the female is the lin. No one knows for sure how the unicorn was born, but some say the k'i-lin sprang from the center of the earth. It always reaches its destination and, unlike ourselves, never falls into a pit. Just as the dragon is the chief of all the creatures of the sea, and the phoenix
rules the birds, so too is the k'i-lin the first, the most perfect, of all the 360 creatures of the land. Once it is tamed, no other animal will know terror.to worry.