A Conversation among Witches

    WITCH 1: Here come 1, from lake and fen,
               From ferny dell and rocky den.
     WITCH 2: Here come 1, the wind is fair.
               It carried me from my dark lair.
     WITCH 3: Here come I upon my broom.
                Where can I land? Make room! Make room!
     WITCH 1: Well met, well met, bewitching friends.
               Came down so fast I got the bends.
     WITCH 2: Never.
     WITCH 1: Ever.
     WITCH 3: Don't be so clever.
     WITCH 2: Have you the charm?
     WITCH 3: Have you the spell?
     WITCHES 2 AND 3: Have you the stuff to mix them well?
     WITCH 1: 1 have it all. Have you the will?
     WITCHES 2 AND 3: We have. We have. We have.
     WITCH 1: Be still.
     NARRATOR: They look around. They are alone. They take out wool ....            and wand and bone. They take out tooth and 
                tongue and nail. They set the cauldron, hold the flail.
     ALL THREE: By wind, by bog, by owl, by toad,  By we three bound bound       upon this road,  By fire, water, earth, and-dung,
                By hemlock, hensbane, adder's tongue, By all that's dark and           all that's shade, By all unholy, this spell's made.
                Peace-the charm's wound up.

    Jane Yolen


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