A Love Story

He was a Wizard's son,
She an Enchanter's daughter;
He dabbled in Spells for fun,
Her father some magic had taught her.

They loved-but alas! to agree
Their parents they couldn't persuade.
An Enchanter and Wizard, you see,
Were natural rivals in trade-
And the market for magic was poor-
There was scarce enough business for two
So what started rivalry pure
Into hatred and jealousy grew.

Now the lovers were dreadfully good;
But when there was really no hope,
After waiting as long as they could,
What else could they do but elope?
They eloped in a hired coupe';
And the youth, with what magic he knew-
Made it go fully five miles a day.
(Such wonders can sorcery do!)

Then the maiden her witcheries plied,
And enchanted the cabman so much,
When they got to the end of their ride
Not a cent of his fare would he touch!
Now they're married and live to this day
In a nice little tower, alone,
For the building of which, by the way,
Their parents provided the stone.

Then the parents relented? Oh, no!
They pursued with the fury of brutes,
But arrived just too late for the show,
Through a leak in their seven-league boots;
And finding their children were wed,
Into such a wild rage they were thrown,
They rushed on each other instead
And each turned the other to stone.

 Then the lovers, since lumber was high,
And bricks were as then quite unknown,
As soon as their tears were quite dry-
They quarried their parents for stone.
And now in a nice little tower,
In Blissfulness tinged with Remorse,
They live like as not to this hour-
(Unless they have got a divorce). 

Crime, Wickedness, Villainy, Vice,
And sin only misery bring;
If you want to be Happy and Nice,
Be good and all that sort of thing. 



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