Esoteric Witch

I long to be the esoteric witch
Soaring wildly through indigo painted skies
That reach the stars
While the cool mist of the turbulent oceans
Sprays indignantly against
The full white moon...

I long to be the esoteric witch
From stories of yore
Who has tales written of her
Tales of love, and of lore

My flight is wild and fierce and free
My disguise is one of beguilement and wonder
Chameleon-like hair
Purple and chartreuse
I am not one
Whom you can deduce

I long to be the esoteric witch
Searching madly for her one true match
A wizard, a warlock
I do not know
One thing's for certain
He'd have to be quite a catch !

Many a suitor
Have callen on I
Offering castles and unicorns
And blackberry pie

But surely they all had to be turned down
They wouldn't let me fly !

So in the meantime
I'll aluminize my heart
For the deep feelings of a witch
Can never be bought !

Stacy Lynn Zeisloft