The door swings silently, stirring purple hued puffs
of anxiety in the atmosphere of this intriguing room.
Slowly peeking around the door, her heart in her throat,
pulse racing deep in her ear, awe still fills her blue eyes.

The crystal ball on the desk seems to glow lavender,
reflecting in the mirror held by the wizard with the book.
Twin beds filled with stuffed animals of all kinds, even a
Dwarf,a wizard, and merman mixed in with many dragons.

Her eyes drawn first to her wand lying next to a tray filled
with all manner of things, beakers, bottles filled with assorted
liquids of some kind, powders, a small stone bowl, spoon
parchment paper and a quill pen rests against a leather pouch

Fairies dance around the tree house in the round sphere on
the wall. Unicorns on black velvet stare back at her.
Dragons everywhere, with wizards, elves, and pegasus too.
A large book rests on the table next to a victorian chair.

The pungent odor of burning sage lingers in the air, while
incense mingles, to stir up her memories of stories, leaving
purple memories of warmth, love and chocolate chip cookies.
She turns with a sigh and slowly leaves her grandmother's room.



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