The Wise Wizard's Advice

Elizabeth walked along the grey misty path of yesteryear;
Waiting for her sensual love of her waking dreams to appear.
Standing upon her stone path looking down into the mist;
Longing for understanding of her unusual sexual bliss.
The tide shakes the ocean floor with a deafening roar;
Her desires and dreams scream out to Lazor unlike before.
She searches the shore-line as night's blackness closes in:
Reaching for the impossible that only the wise wizard can send.

A burst of electric blue beams move in on her dreams;
Thoughts descend the boundary of sanity and all it seems.
As the electrical forces join together making Lazor's face;
Her voice carried to the deepest reaches of time and space.
"Oh mighty Lazor, bring forth the answer as I look into time;
I've searched for one true love no other has been on my mind.
His stature, his eyes, his body, his sensuality, he is tall:
Not just is his beauty, a reality.  I want him.  I want it all."

Down the path, robes blowing out behind holding on to his staff;
Lazor's voice how it sounds of thunder, his appearance so strafe.
"The love you seek look into your soul with the beat of your heart;
Smile with sincere laughter, love freely that will be your start.
You had his attention once, my small one, you can have it again;
You have to change your actions, reach out, then it will begin.
Watch all his movements, wait for his eyes to look within you;
Let him feel you without his touch, child, this you must do."

"I'm afraid Lazier, I'm afraid to commit to him, even with care;
The fear I feel, but not to commit, just hasn't been fair.
Why didn't I just let myself feel love when it came my way;
Is there more to love than sex, will I long for him all my days?
Lazor, does he still want me or am I just living within a dream;
If I walk into your electric blue will I be hit by reality's beam?
Is there hope that things will work out and love will be;
Will I have my sensual feelings out in the open for all to see?"

"There is more to love than sex, small one, real love takes two;
Look into the light this path has turned to a cobalt electric blue.
Let him see into your heart, let him see all your desires;
Let him long for your touch as you both turn to conspire.
Let him hear the sounds of your fulfilment with a moan;
Stop fearing love small one, Stop fearing the unknown.
Let him hold you close as you both join together as one;
Making love with all passion spent in the early morning sun."

"Lazor, I fear I've lost him without knowing his love inside;
I've turned away from him more than once, I lost my pride.
I tried to act as if I didn't care, I don't even know why;
I watched him with pain and longing 'til he looked in my eyes."
Small one, sighed Lazor, no one can answer' that but this one man;
If he knows your hearts desire then maybe he will understand."
Lazor's white hair blew in the wind as he held the golden key;
Look out into the distance, small one, tell me what you see."

"This man who hold you prisoner, let go, your life will go on;
Time will erase all sorrow, pain will leave, then you have won.
Never let go of your passions, love this pure never dies;
Let out this confusion and dry up all those tears you've cried.
You'll have to take the first step, don't excuse your pain;
Don't hate those who have hurt you, just push away the strain.
Let go of mistrust, let your fear go, let it die a slow death;
With your heart smile at life like you took your first breath."



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