Wizard Stories


See the cauldron froth and bubble.
Brewing love, or boiling trouble

Over the flames and smoke of fire
Witches send, chant and conspire.

Mixing, in strange herbal Iore,
To set to rights, or even a score.

The knowledge of witch, wyse wyfe and hag
Could heal, or bless, or cause to gag.

Herbes of mystery from long lost tomes.
Oil which bubbles, seethes and sefoams.

Weaving a scented and spooky spell
To enliven the senses of love to quell,

Gurgles and cackles and laughs of glee
Summon the powers that there be.

Only a witch and the planetary Gods
Can bless with might, or set all at odds.

bubble,cauldron, froth and foam.
Bring a wandering lover home.

Work the magic of my witchy brew
Chanted over this murky Stew.

The Witches Spellcraft

Wizard Tales
Make up a story, tell me a tale,
Pictures and rhyme, silly or sublime.
Imagination is always the key.
Pictures and words in harmony.

Fables or fantasy, magical fun,
Write it all down, don't stop 'til your done.
Wizards and villians are part of the cast,
Write a good tale and it surely will last.

Wizard Stories

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Send Your Stories
Send Your Stories

Wizard Music

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