The Cult of Fire Worship grew inevitably from man's fear, curiousity,   and eventual Mastery of the Enigmatic Flame.  But so strong was the Ancient's fear and curiousity that in spite of their control of fire, the flame never lost it's mystical purposes symbolizing Occult Power and Presence. 
      Both beneficial and malevolent attributes are ascribed to the flame; for as fire is the Great Destroyer so it is the Great Purifirer, giver of warmth, and protector of man.  So it is that candles are burned in invocations to seek love, health, fortune, exorcise Evil and Cast Spells...
      In some form, candle burning for attaining one's obiectives has been used throughout history by the Chinese, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Christians.  Candles, like incense, were commonly employed in pagan worship and in the rites for the dead.  The Christian church adopted them to enhance the splendor of their ceremonies.  They are like music, lights, perfumes, bells, and vestments, not of special significance to any one particular cult, but are common to almost all ceremonial rituals.  They are part of the natural language of mystical expression.  Candles are used at baptisms, funerals, excommunications, confirmations, and the blessing and dedication of new churches at almost all religious services.
      Long ago the conception was formed that the wax of the candle symbolized the flesh of Christ, the wick the soul of Jesus, and the flame the divinity which absorbs and dominates both.  The symbolism is still accepted in the Catholic Church, and it is not lawful to say Mass without lighted candies.  If the candles are in danger of being blown out, they must be protected by lanterns.
      In magical practice, all kinds of candles are used, and they are covered  here only briefly.  There are entire books available on prescribed rituals to be followed to accomplish particular objectives, but the simplist candle ritual consists only of concentration on the objective you are seeking, a communion with God in the form of a petition or prayer, the lighting of the candle, and a complete, unquestioning faith in the ability of a Higher Power which will assist you toward your declared goal.
      The altar for your ritual can be any small table, shelf, or bureau top.  It should be in a secluded room where meditations, prayers, and devotions can be conducted without interruption or distraction.  An altar cloth, made of any clean white material, covers the center of the altar.
      The dressing of candies with oils is believed to enhance their powers, and candies should always be anointed before using, for this magnetizes them and brings your vibrations into them.  The selection of the oil to be used is a matter of individual decision as long as the one chosen is in harmony with the purpose for which the candle is burned.  To anoint the candle, it is rubbed from the center point upward to the tip, and then from the center downward to the bottom.  Never apply the oil all the way in one direction from top to bottom always from the middle upwards or donwards.
      The burning of incense with candle rituals is not absolutely essential, but it is certainly compatible and is often recommended.  Again, choose an aroma which complements the candle's objective.  If incense is used, the burner always occupies the center of the altar-center from top to bottom, and center from side to side.  The type of incense used, whether sticks, cones, blocks, or powdered, is not important.
      Various colors of candles are alleged to set up particular vibrations, and the color is chosen according to the aim in the petitioner's mind. Authorities differ on candle color symbolism, so simply follow the guidance given by the author you feel most knowledgeable on the subject. Much of the confusion about candle color symbology is caused by "brand" names.  Each manufacturer, distributor, or seller can name the various colored candies as he wishes.  A black candle can be called Weed of Misfortune, XX Double Cross, Hexing, or some similar gloomy and evil-sounding title.  Whatever the appellation given to the black candle, it is still a black candle, and the "fancy" name is just the word title attached to it by the maker.
      The great variety of shapes available in candles is also confusing.  Some rituals in certain books require the use of image candles in the shape of a man, woman, devil, skull, witch, cat, and such.  Some of the unusual shaped candles, can be quite effective as they do add to the symbolism and reinforce ones mental image of the intent or message they are designed to convey.  However, when effigy candies cannot be obtained, plain straight candles can serve the same purpose if the petitioner is sincerely convinced of the effectiveness of the "philosophy of fire" and devoutly believes in his purpose and his ritual.
      The most popular candles, used in various magical spells, are:
          Plain, straight round candies that come in varying sizes, from small votive - types which burn from 10 to 15 hours, to large seven-day candles which last for an entire week.  Any size candle may be used, and as one burns away, light another of the same type from the flame of the first, thereby continuing the vibratory influences without interruption as if there were only one huge candle being used during the entire period.
      Candle rituals are generally of no special duration. Start those attracting and drawing spells during the waxing moon - between the new moon and full - and begin the banishing, dispelling, and driving away spells on the waning moon - from full to dark.  During the full moon period, spells for gaining power and health rituals are specially favored. No spells should be instigated during the dark of the moon-the three day period just before the new moon appears.
      Once a candle ritual is started, continue it daily until the objective is accomplished.
      After a candle has been lighted toward a certain objective, it should not be used again for a new or different intention even if it is not fully burned out.  It is all right to burn the same candle any number of times as long as the purpose is the same, but if the aim of the ritual changes, start with new candles.
      Here is a simple suggested prayer which will serve for almost any purpose.  As you light your candle under which you have placed your petition, pray sincerely:

    Consider and hear me, 0 God, for in thee I put my trust.  Bless me
    this day, and knowing thou has said "whatsoever thou wilt ask of
    God, God will give to thee," I ask humbly and with true faith (state
    your objective, wish, purpose).  I thank thee that thou hast heard me.
    Glory be to the Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost. 

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