Bags are an important part of voodoo, witchcraft, and magical practice.  They are variously called Mojo, Conjure, Ouanga, gris-gris, a trick, toby, goofer: a hand, or wanga bag.  Whatever  the name, they are small bags which contain charms or amulets which one considers suitable to the purpose for which the bag is intended. Any number of items-usually from one to thirteen-are included, but always an odd number, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, or 13, never an even number.  The bags are carried in the purse or pocket as a personal possession and no one else is allowed to handle it-except for bags made up to harm others.

       Hex bags to bring distress to others are placed on the foe's person or property so that they are discovered unexpectedly by the intended victim.  Some of the methods used for "laying the trick" are to mail the bag, place it on the doorstep or in the walkway or path so that the victim will have to step over it, or hang it on a tree branch so that the enemy will pass it and touch it.  It can be secreted in dresser drawers in the foe's home if you have access to the house, or placed on the dash of their automobile.

      Charm bags can be of any practical material. The most popular ones are red flannel, chamois, or leather.  Many occuIt houses sell bags made up for special purposes and are put together by one who believes in the magic power of the `talismans used.  The items included are personal choices, and there are many to choose from in every category.  If to choose from in every category.  If you purchase a bag already made up, your own personal talismans should be added - a lock of hair from the one you are attempting to attract, a piece of clothing or nail clippings from the one you intend to harm, a photograph of the loved one or the one in need of healing, or a piece of jewelry which has been worn by the one you wish to protect. As a final additive, write your petition, desires, or the amount of money you need on a piece of parchment and place it in the bag.

       After you have the bag made up, it should be consecrated by anointing its edges with the appropriate oil - for instance, Fast Luck or Money Drawing Oil on a luck bag, Attraction Oil or Love Drops for a love bag, Crossing or Damnation Oil on a bag sent to an enemy, Jinx Removing or Rose of Crucifixion Oil on a protection bag, Mojo Oil on a wishing bag, and Healing Oil on a health bag, etc.

    For those who wish to concoct their own bag, a variety of amulets are listed which are suitable.  But use your imagination and add the personal touches which make the bag individually yours and give it the additional force it may need to accomplish its purpose.


Attracting And Love Bag

Wishing Bags

Lucky And Gambling Bags

Hex Bags

Power And Protection Bags

Health Bags


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